Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hello everyone!

We are currently waiting to leave for the airport in approximately 20 minutes! Eeek!! Before we leave we thought we'd share some of our favourite responses that we get when we tell people we are going to Cambodia. please enjoy..we sure do.

1. "Oh, what part of Africa is that?"

2. "Interesting....did you choose to go there?"

3. "I had a friend who went there once, they said they'd never go back."

4. "Have you written up your will?"

5. "Did you give someone power of attorney?"

6. "I had a nephew who went overseas once, he never came back."

...So maybe we made up the one about the will, but we swear the other ones are true. Of course we've also heard LOTS of good things about Cambodia as well and that's why we're going!

Bon voyage!

1 comment:

  1. Bon Voyage girls! Happy and safe travels! Keep us posted...can't wait to hear about your adventures :)